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Find out how fast your network or internet transfer speed is
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RaccoonWorks SpeedTest is a program to test your transfer speed over a network or the Internet.
You can test how fast you can transfer files to another computer in your network just by entering the target computer’s IP address and the port you use to connect to the network. Then, by pressing the "Connect" button, the program will calculate the transfer speed between both computers, and will display a detailed report on the lower left panel, and a graphic in the lower right panel. Should you want to test your transfer connection to a website, you can enter either its IP address (should you know it) or its URL.

You can perform several consecutive tests referred to the same IP, so that you can obtain the average transfer speed.

The program allows you to compare the obtained results with the theoretical speeds that providers should give. The accepted values cover from a 56 K modem connection to 1.54 MB for Internet connections, and from 10 MB to 1 GB for Ethernet connections. Raccoonworks SpeedTest will show you the comparisons in a graphic located in the lower-right panel. You can print the results or save them in a STC file - SpeedTest’s proprietary format.

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